jeudi 17 janvier 2013


Wolf, wolf, wolf,
In the cornfield I'm hiding.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
In the cornfield he is seeking.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
He is after me.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
He's trying to reach me.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
He wants to catch me.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
The steps are getting closer.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
My strength is getting weaker.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
He longs to eat me.
Wolf, wolf, wolf, 
I can feel him near me.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
He's about to get me.
Wolf, wolf, wolf,
Daddy please don't hurt me.

jeudi 3 janvier 2013


Once I had a song in my head
No music was good enough for me, I wanted to listen to it instead.
This song was very loud
I could hear it even in a crowd.
And, I couldn't sleep for it was noisy,
I couldn't weep, couldn't hear my pain easily.
So I tried to sing another song,
But the first one sang along.
Even under water, 
That damned song was louder.
Being so sick and tired of the chorus
I joined a circus,
Where I became a one woman orchestra,
Disguised in Lady Godiva.

A few years later, I was hanging myself.