vendredi 21 décembre 2012


Once I had a lover, strong and tall.
He was so angry that he swallowed me all.
Inside of his belly,
I caressed him so gently.
I settled on his insides,
Making my own house, but no one was by my side.
I began to feel lonely, angry, my lover would not spit me out.
I started to beg, kneeling, praying, complaining,
But my host wouldn't hear what all this was about.
So, I banged my head against the wall,
Tickled his stomach with a feather, hung myself with my arms to his ribs.
However, he wouldn't throw me up hence, I started to dig a hole.
My lover complained about some burns in his stomach,
So I screamed "Let me out for God's sake!".
I dug, scratched his flesh with my nails, bit and ripped out some pieces of his belly.
I started to turn crazy for I was so angry.
Then, finally, I saw the light which blinded me.
So, I pushed and I pulled the skin to find my way out of the body.
At last, outside, I saw my lover had died because of me...

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