samedi 22 décembre 2012


Snow White is a boss and she holds a sweatshop.
The seven dwarfs are working without a stop.
They are assembling shoes for little rich children.
But in fact all they really want to know is that the work is done.
Snow White is a bitch, she makes them work like little robots.
Since she is so powerful, she doesn't fear any kind of revolt.
But on one particularly day,
Grumpy threw all his work away.
And a riot began,
Snow White would better have run.
They caught her and put her in a fridge, in order to freeze her.
Snow White was dead an hour after.
Many years later, a prince came out of nowhere,
Looking for a rich princess who could give him an heir.
But all he found was this cold meat,
He married this ice lady who wouldn't move a single bit.

Lately, I heard him told his colleagues that his wife was frigid.

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